Receipt: main rules.

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    You often lend money to friends?🤔

It should be remembered that lending money by a loan, which must be concluded in writing, if the loan amount exceeds 17O UAH💶

     ✍🏻The most affordable and easiest way to get a loan is to draw up a RECEIPT.

     😉In order to avoid controversial situations, you need to understand what mandatory elements must contain a receipt:
🎯The name of the document “Receipt” and entering in the receipt as much as possible the details of the parties to avoid any ambiguities when establishing the identity of the lender / borrower. For individuals, it is essential to indicate not only the name and place of residence, but also the individual tax number (RHOKPP) and passport data.
🎯The receipt clearly indicates the loan amount. If the amount is indicated in foreign currencies, it is desirable to clearly indicate that the payments are made in the national currency at the appropriate rate, because according to the law, payments in Ukraine are made in the national currency.
🎯The receipt as a document confirming the debt obligation must contain the conditions for the borrower to borrow, indicating the obligation to return such funds.
🎯Place of receipt and date.
🎯If the parties in the promissory note do not specify the loan repayment period or this period is determined by the time of the claim, the loan must be repaid by the borrower within thirty days from the date of the lender’s claim (paragraph 2 of part 1 of Article 1049 of the Civil Code).
🎯Surname, name and patronymic of witnesses (passport data) and their signatures.


Lawyers АО “Юрісвест” recommend it is better to write the receipt yourself, rather than print‼️