Administrative Law

Leading Law Firm “YURISVEST” specializes in providing legal services in non-standard
and complex situations, combines traditions and a progressive approach to providing legal

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Administrative Law

     Lawyers of the law firm “YURISVEST” will provide initial operational legal advice, conduct a legal analysis of the dispute, determine and agree on defense tactics, gather the necessary evidence, as well as represent the interests of the principal in the body authorized to consider cases of administrative offenses.

Cases of administrative offenses are essentially individual, so lawyers pay special attention to the specific details inherent in each case, thereby taking an individual approach to their clients..

This allows you to build and implement the optimal model of protection, thanks to which you can achieve the most effective result for the client.

     Law Firm “YURISVEST” provides representation and defense services in court in the following cases:

  • tax disputes (appeal of decisions-notifications of the tax authority);
  • recognition of non-normative acts, decisions, actions (inaction) of state bodies, local self-government bodies, other bodies, officials (including state executors) as invalid (illegal);
  • etc.
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Administrative Law
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