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    For the legislative regulation of the gambling business in July 2020, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the relevant law “On state regulation of activities related to the organization and conduct of gambling.” This decision allowed offline and online casinos, online poker, bookmaking and slot machines, and the location of slot machines only in hotels with three, four or five “stars”.

    Gambling services in casino gambling establishments are allowed after obtaining a license issued for a period of five years. The rules apply to both Internet and offline activities, and licenses are provided :

  • games in casino gambling establishments;
  • casino gambling on the Internet;
  • bookmaking activities;
  • gambling in the halls of slot machines;
  • gambling poker online;

Licenses are also provided for:

  • on the gaming table and / or on the gaming table with a roulette ring;
  • to the bookmaker’s point;
  • on the slot machine;
  • to carry out activities for the provision of gambling services;
  • to carry out activities on carrying out a bet of the tote at the racetrack;
  • also an investment license.

The law also sets the amount of the license fee:

1) for gambling in casino gambling establishments for the city of Kyiv – sixty thousand minimum wages, for other settlements – thirty thousand minimum wages;

2) for casino gambling on the Internet – six thousand five hundred minimum wages;

3) for bookmaking activities – thirty thousand minimum wages;

4) for gambling in the halls of slot machines – seven thousand five hundred minimum wages;

5) Poker gambling on the Internet – five thousand minimum wages.

      Given the current realities and global informatization of society, the online gambling market is reaching larger and larger scales, so consider in more detail the features of its organization.:

-full name of the organizer;
-location of the gambling organizer in accordance with the registration documents;
-identification code of the organizer;
-information about the license;
-rules of participation in gambling;
-procedure and terms of payment of winnings;
– information materials on gambling addiction and responsible play, which is presented in the state language

The software (including mobile applications) must be certified.

    It is also mandatory to identify the player before accepting the bet, for its implementation the organizer may request additional documents or require the use of video communication, but it is mainly done using:

  • electronic signature;
  • MobileID;

      It is noted that the organizer is also obliged:

-ensure that real-time information is posted on the website, for example by placing a clock that displays the current time on each page of the website;
-provide protection of information about players in the manner prescribed by law;
-prohibit giving the player the opportunity to play on credit or in installments.


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