Where to check the information about the land selected for purchase?

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Polishchuk Vasily
Law Services - Where to check the information about the land selected for purchase?


      Mandatory placement of the announcement of the sale of privately owned land on information resources is not provided by land legislation. At the same time, as we know, you can buy a plot at auction. However, you need to check it before buying .☝🏻

❗️ The State Land Cadastre is the only state geoinformation system of information on lands located within the state border of Ukraine, their purpose, restrictions on their use, as well as data on the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of lands, etc..

    The State Land Cadastre includes the following: information on land plots:
cadastral number;
location, including data of the State Address Register (if available);
description of boundaries;
perimeter line measures;
coordinates of boundary turning points;
data on binding of boundary turning points to points of the state geodetic network;
data on quality of land and soil quality assessment,
information on other objects of the State Land Cadastre, which territorially (fully or partially) includes land;
purpose (category of land, type of land use) within a certain category of land);
composition of lands indicating the contours of buildings and structures, their names;
information on restrictions on the use of land;
information on part of the land, etc.

      The data are provided in the form of:
1. extracts from the State Land Cadastre;
2. certificates containing generalized information about lands (territories);
3. copies from the cartographic basis of the State Land Cadastre, cadastral map;
4.copies of documents created during the maintenance of the State Land Cadastre