Accident: what to do? What actions should the driver take?

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Ishutko Sergey
Law Services - Accident: what to do? What actions should the driver take?


      According to the National Police, on the roads of Ukraine in 2021 there were 168 thousand accidents, including 26.1 thousand accidents with victims.

🚧Therefore, every driver must understand what actions he should take in the event of such an unforeseen event.
Stop the vehicle and items involved in the accident.
Turn on the alarm.
Install an emergency stop sign or red light.
If there are any victims in the accident, call an ambulance immediately and, if possible, provide home care, otherwise seek the help of those present and send the victim to hospital.
Call the police and call the insurance company.


Try to find witnesses to the accident, write down their contact details, ask them to wait for the police to arrive. Also inspect the location for CCTV cameras. Witness testimony and video will be able to prove in court that you are not guilty of the accident.
Do not move the vehicle, try to save all traces of the accident, if necessary, protect them. Take photos of everything that happened after the accident, the location of road signs and markings. Take photos from all possible angles and distances, record damage to cars.


Even if the car blocks traffic on the road, the driver must not leave the scene.
Do not use alcohol, drugs or other drugs without a doctor’s prescription before the medical examination.
Carefully study the report, the scheme of the accident and the explanations provided.
Read the explanations several times before signing them. If you find any inaccuracies, be sure to report it to the police.
Always have a lawyer’s number on hand who can provide emergency legal assistance in the event of an accident.

            Remember, the driver pays a fine of UAH 3,400 for leaving the scene of the accident.