How to get compensation if you suffered from uncleaned snow on the street?

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Law Services - How to get compensation if you suffered from uncleaned snow on the street?

The situation with uncleaned sidewalks, street stops, pedestrian crossings, etc. can be observed in almost every settlement of Ukraine. All of this puts you at risk of falling injuries and damage to your health.
In accordance with Part 2 of Art. 18 of the Law of Ukraine “On Improvement of Settlements” enterprises, institutions and organizations in the field of improvement of settlements are obliged to maintain in proper condition facilities (their parts), which are in their ownership or use, as well as defined by the rules of landscaping points adjacent to these objects.
The procedure for cleaning the city territory in the winter and determining those responsible for cleaning is established by the Rules of improvement of the settlement, which are posted on the official information resource of local governments.
However, if an unforeseen event has already occurred, the following steps must be taken:
Call an ambulance and record the event.
Engage in witness support and obtain their contact details.
Capture the area where the event took place on a photo or video – establish the fact of not removing snow, ice.
Address a letter to the city, town, village council with a request to determine the person responsible for the maintenance of the area where the damage to health occurred.
Apply to the court for compensation for material and moral damage caused by damage to health.
When applying to the court you need to provide:
Certificates from medical institutions about injuries.
Photos and videos with the date of the event.
Eyewitness testimony.Response of the city / settlement / village council regarding the person responsible for the maintenance of the territory.
Documents confirming the cost of treatment (doctor’s prescription, checks, receipts from pharmacies, etc.).
Confirmation of the task of moral damage (if any): doctors’ opinions, testimony of witnesses to confirm the severity of moral suffering, doctor’s prescriptions for the purchase of special drugs to combat depression, other psychological disorders caused by injuries.
Other documents confirming the damage.
So, when you get damaged, do not leave it unreacted, defend your rights!
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