Curfew: What to do if you are stuck on the street?

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Law Services - Curfew: What to do if you are stuck on the street?

You can be arrested, fined or even sentenced to up to 5 years in prison for violating curfew. How to avoid this – read below.
Here are some tips on what to do if you find yourself on the street during curfew

If you are walking:
• Walk on lighted paths, do not hide in the dark or illuminate yourself with a flashlight, otherwise you may be perceived as a saboteur.
• It is better to find the defense yourself and explain the situation.
• Raise your hands, do not go in your pocket for documents until asked – this may be considered an attempt to get a weapon.
• Do not invent anything, much less say that you forgot or did not know about the time limit. It will be extremely suspicious.
• It is better to carry a passport or a paper or ID card, although sometimes a paper supplement is required. It is more difficult to check documents in the Defense Action – defenders do not always have the necessary technical means. So you may be delayed until the circumstances are clarified.
• Do not pretend to be a person who has the right to be on the street at night (for example, a gas company employee or a journalist) – this will be checked.
• Do not hold the phone in your hand during the test. You may be suspected of capturing or transmitting coordinates. Call your family only after notifying the defense.
• If the browser history and chats on the phone are completely deleted – it will raise the suspicion that you are a saboteur or a corrector. So do not clean the phone unnecessarily – only if there is a threat of meeting with the occupiers.

If you are driving:
• Do not stop in the middle of the track and do not worry.• Go to the nearest checkpoint and calmly explain who you are and where you are going. Your documents, car, things, pockets and phone will be checked.
• If the area is dangerous, you will be asked to stay near the checkpoint until curfew. Do not violate this instruction – you may be arrested, fined or even imprisoned for up to 5 years.
• If the actions of the people who checked you were illegal, call the hotline of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces – 0800 50 04 42.