What do you need to know about the antibiotic prescription from August 1, 2022?

Law Services - What do you need to know about the antibiotic prescription from August 1, 2022?


Antibiotics are medicines that cannot be used without control. Only a qualified doctor should determine the expediency of taking the drug, the effective active substance, dosage and method of use of the drug.

Uncontrolled self-medication, which is very common in Ukrainian society, harms human health, and the use of antibiotics without a specific purpose leads to antibiotic resistance, as a result of which bacteria become resistant to treatment.

From August 1, 2022, pharmacies will dispense antibiotics only by prescription (exception – occupied territories and areas of hostilities). Until the end of this year, there will be a transition period during which both electronic and paper prescriptions will work.

How to get a prescription?
The patient will receive an electronic (and until January – a printed) prescription at the doctor’s appointment. A doctor of any level of medical care and specialization – a therapist, surgeon, dentist, etc., who is registered in the electronic health care system – can prescribe the drug. It can be a doctor of a public institution or a private one.

Where and when to buy an antibiotic?
In the transitional period until 01.01.2023, the necessary medicines can be purchased by prescription at any pharmacy, by presenting to the pharmacist an information certificate from a doctor confirming the issuance of an e-prescription, or a paper prescription. The prescription will be valid for 30 days from the moment of discharge.

Is it possible to choose a cheaper analogue of the drug?
In the prescription, the doctor will specify the active substance, dosage and duration of treatment. At the same time, the patient will independently decide on the brand of the drug. The electronic prescription will allow partial dispensing of medicines, without repeated appointments with the doctor.

Is a declaration required to obtain a prescription?
The patient must be registered in the electronic health care system, but a declaration is not required to obtain a prescription.

How to get the necessary antibiotic in the territories where hostilities are taking place/which are under occupation?
There will be an exception for those pharmacies located in the area of ​​hostilities or in the territories that are under temporary occupation or encirclement. Such pharmacies will temporarily be able to continue to dispense prescription antibacterial drugs to patients without a doctor’s prescription for the duration of martial law.

How will prescriptions be issued during inpatient treatment?
If the medical institution provides inpatient treatment services under the terms of cooperation with the NHSHU, then medical drugs, in particular antibiotics, provided for in the treatment package, must be guaranteed to be provided to the patient free of charge. The patient does not need a prescription for prescribing and using such medicines. In exceptional cases, the hospital doctor will be able to write a prescription for the patient.

How can I buy an antibiotic for pets?
Medicines for animals can be purchased with a veterinary prescription