Going abroad: when is parental consent NOT required?

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Polishchuk Vasily
Law Services - Going abroad: when is parental consent NOT required?

    As you know, citizens who have not reached the age of 16 leave Ukraine accompanied by one of the parents or other persons authorized by the notarized consent of one of the parents, with the notarized consent of the other parent, or WITHOUT such. 

    In addition, there are cases when the consent of the parent to the child’s departure is NOT REQUIRED, but it is necessary to prepare some documents to present them at the border.

     ☝🏻 There are a number of legal grounds when one of the parents independently decides the issue of temporary departure of the child abroad, among which:

1. by the court decision, or the conclusion of the guardianship and guardianship authorities confirmed the place of residence of the child with him in relation to he does not apply measures of compulsory execution of the decision to establish a meeting with the child and to remove obstacles in meeting her;

2. the period of stay abroad will not exceed one month;
the purpose of the trip should be treatment, education, participation child in children’s competitions, festivals, scientific exhibitions, student olympiads and competitions, health improvement and recreation of the child abroad, including as part of an organized group of children, etc .;

3. informing the other parent who does not shy away and proper fulfills parental responsibilities “Duties (if the place of residence is known), about the temporary departure of the child outside Ukraine, indicating the purpose of the trip, location and the approximate time of returning home;

4. there is an arrears in the payment of alimony, the total amount of which exceeds the amount of the corresponding payments for four months, confirmed by a certificate of arrears in the payment of alimony (issued by the state enforcement agency or a private contractor).

      So, do not focus carefully on the situation, and choose the right way for unimpeded entry with the child abroad.