Neighbors flooded? An action plan to help you recoup your costs.

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Law Services - Neighbors flooded? An action plan to help you recoup your costs.


Today we have prepared for you an action plan that will help you reimburse the costs associated with the consequences of flooding your home😉

     🎯First you need to find out the cause of the flood and contact the neighbors.
But if they do not open the door for you, you must immediately notify the manager of the house and the contractor. These individuals can block the riser of cold or hot water and take other emergency measures

     🎯 Record the fact of flooding and collect the necessary documents
The fact of flooding is recorded by the act in the presence of the balance holder, the neighbor who is responsible for the flood in your apartment, and witnesses who sign the act. damage or even video shooting “from the scene

     🎯 Find out who caused the flood
In case of flooding the apartment damage can be caused either through the fault of a neighbor or the fault of housing.
According to the Civil Code, damage to property of an individual or legal entity is reimbursed in full by the person who caused it

     🎯 Peaceful settlement
The best course of action is if the case does not go to court and the dispute can be settled peacefully. Write a claim for damages, referring to the act and the conclusions of the expert. If the flood of neighbors occurred through your fault, then in case of agreement to reimburse the damage, it is better to make a receipt for the transfer of money

     🎯Settlement of a dispute in court
The Civil Code establishes a presumption of guilt. This means that it is the defendant who will have to prove his non-involvement in the damage. You can also claim non-pecuniary damage and reimbursement of court costs – court fees and attorney’s fees.