CARS for the Armed Forces: how to buy a car abroad and hand it over to the military?

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Law Services - CARS for the Armed Forces: how to buy a car abroad and hand it over to the military?

🚕A car is not a luxury, but a means of survival for our military. There are not many cars in Ukraine that could meet the needs at the front, so volunteers often bring them from abroad.
How to do it as simply as possible?
They begin, of course, with the search for the necessary car and its purchase. The process is almost no different from how to buy cars for personal needs – with the only exception that very often volunteers are looking for pickup trucks, special cars (fast, military, etc.).
It is most convenient to buy a car abroad on behalf of a public organization or charitable foundation officially registered in Ukraine – this allows you to receive an invoice from the seller and pay by bank transfer.
* about how to formally register volunteering – read the post above
After paying for the purchase, you will receive a sales contract or an invoice, as well as documents for the car. There may be a more pleasant situation – the car can be donated by a foreign charitable organization, and then instead of an invoice, a letter of donation will be received about the free transfer of the car to a Ukrainian public/charity organization or directly to a military unit.
Delivery to Ukraine. If the car will be delivered on its own, temporary license plates and insurance are required, and in the case of delivery by truck, no additional registration is required.
To cross the border, it is necessary to prepare a declaration on the export of humanitarian aid from the territory of the EU, to obtain a special ID number. Documents proving the purchase and sale in the EU, documents of the receiving organization and a customs declaration for humanitarian cargo are required for import into Ukraine.
After passing the customs formalities, the car can be handed over to the Armed Forces – according to the act of acceptance and handover, which is signed by the representative of the military unit and the head of the public/charity organization.