How to go abroad as a volunteer?

Law Services - How to go abroad as a volunteer?

During the state of martial law, the passage of drivers and volunteers carrying out the transportation of medical goods and humanitarian aid by road vehicles across the state border is carried out by officials of the State Border Service in the presence of relevant decisions on leaving Ukraine, compliance with the rules for crossing the state border of Ukraine, and in the presence of information about the person in the relevant information system “Shlyah”, the administrator of which is Ukrtransbezpeka.
The decision to leave Ukraine for drivers is made by the Ministry of Infrastructure or regional, Kyiv city military administrations in the presence of appropriate justification regarding the volume of cargo and the number of vehicles required for their transportation, in letters from any of such bodies, enterprises, institutions, organizations, institutions :
military, law enforcement agencies;
military administrations;
medical institutions;
senders or recipients of humanitarian aid.
In addition, it is allowed to pass drivers of companies that have transport licenses. In this case, crossing the state border is possible only on a truck weighing more than 3,500 kg, the data of which are contained in the Unified State Register of Vehicles.
A driver can stay abroad for no more than 30 calendar days, and a company driver with a transport license – up to 45 days.
The Ministry of Infrastructure or the regional and Kyiv city military administrations send to the Administration of the State Border Service a decision on the departure of persons outside Ukraine for consideration during their departure outside Ukraine.
In order to grant permission to travel abroad to men aged 18 to 60 for the purpose of transferring humanitarian aid, it is necessary:
decisions of the regional military administration or the Ministry of Infrastructure, issued in the form of an order or decree (in writing, photocopy, electronic copy, etc.);
passport document;
availability of information about the person in the information system “SHLYAH” of Ukratransbezpeka