The New Year is approaching: the responsibility of those who set off fireworks.

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Law Services - The New Year is approaching: the responsibility of those who set off fireworks.

     The issue of prosecuting people who set off fireworks is quite common.

     According to the legislation, namely, Article 1956 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses (KUpAP) provides for liability for violation of the order of production, storage, transportation, trade and use of pyrotechnics. This entails a fine of UAH 595 to UAH 1,020. with confiscation of pyrotechnics.

     In addition, Article 182 of the Code of Administrative Offenses also provides for liability for violation of the requirements of legislative and other regulations on the protection of the population from the harmful effects of noise or rules of silence in settlements and public places.

     This entails a warning or a fine:
for citizens – from 85 to 255 hryvnias,
for officials and citizens – business entities – from 255 to 510 UAH.

     Practice shows that when people use pyrotechnics that cause or may cause harm to others – you need to call the police, whose staff will draw up a report and submit it to the court. According to the results of the case, the court may impose a fine on the person, usually UAH 595. and confiscate pyrotechnics.

     In addition, it should be noted that the sale of pyrotechnic products may also be regulated by legal acts of local governments, city, village councils, etc.

     As for the capital, the Kyiv City Council has banned entertainment activities using pyrotechnics for the period of deterrence of armed aggression in eastern Ukraine in accordance with the decision of December 19, 2019 № 470/8043 “On approval of the Procedure for organizing and conducting non-governmental religious, cultural and educational events, sports, entertainment and other nature in the city of Kiev “.

Administrative Law
Administrative Law
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