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Recently, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine regarding the accounting of employee’s labor activity in electronic form” (hereinafter referred to as the Law), which provides for a gradual transition from paperwork for electronic to 2025. It should be noted that during this time you can use both variants of existing or information about the employee’s work of the employee from the State Register).

The Law determined that the accounting of employee’s work will be carried out in electronic form, in addition, it is settled by the procedure for accumulation, processing and use of this information to confirm the existing experience of work and automatic (without personal appeal to the Pension Fund of Ukraine) the appointment of retirement pensions, for Person of law, retirement retirement.

That is, when the right to social payment of pensions comes, the state informs about the possibility of its receipt and its estimated size. From this point, the right to choose to improve the proposed settlement size is stored.

For example, in such situations when:

  1. An employee can provide information on the received wages for the period up to 2000 (for the introduction of personalized accounting);
  2. An employee can use the right to assign a pension;
  3. An employee may intimate their retirement for an increase of 0.5-0.75% for each full month of work after reaching retirement age.

This will take place through the “Action” application or personal office of the person on the Pension Fund’s website. Also through the web portal of the Pension Fund Ukraine will take place in the information of labor activity to the State Register, that is, scanned or digitized documents provided by legislation with a mandatory electronic signature.

Already after the introduction of the above-mentioned information, the employer undertakes to publish the original paper labor book to the hands of the signature, as well as the original will be preserved by an employee as an official document. It is noted if the employee will reveal the desire to continue his conduct, then the employer will be obliged to conduct electronic and paper circulation in parallel, that is, to make data on the acceptance of work, transfer and dismissal.


  Preparation of a labor book for a Pension Fund

The introduction of data to the site of the Pension Fund of Ukraine is carried out by grabbing scan copies of a paper labor book.

Every citizen must prepare copies of the following documents:

  1. employment history. Only the completed pages from the sections of “Working Information”, “Rewarding Information” and the liner of the original work book are scored. Empty pages of the labor book can not be scanned;
  2. A separate agreement for data processing from the employee – this document must be prepared if the data introduces an employer. Today it is served in an arbitrary form of employer and scan.

Such data directs an individual (employee independently), accordingly, or a legal entity (employer).

When a natural person wants to submit independently documents to the site of the Pension Fund of Ukraine to first need to receive an electronic digital signature. It can be has on any media (computer, disk, flashing), that is, not necessarily on protected tokens. Getting an electronic signature of a natural person can free in KNADP Idd DPS or in the most convenient way – in a serving bank.


Requirements for scan copies of an employment book for the Pension Fund of Ukraine

Scan copies shall be prepared in compliance with the following requirements:

Scan copies should be clear, you must read the name of the document, serial number (if any), employee’s name, seals, signatures, etc.; The name of the file should be in the format of NNNNNNN_LS_PS.jpg, where NNNNNNN is an identification code of the insured person, that is, the registration number of the taxpayer of the taxpayer; LS – the number of the left page of the labor book, starting with 02; PS – right page number of work book, starting with 03; The first reversal, which contains the name, must have the value of LS_PS Rivne 00_01.
Color, not black and white scanning;
300 DPI resolution;
JPG format (but then each page must be separately) or PDF (all pages are the only file);
The size of each file must not exceed 1 MB.


Positive and negative aspects of the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine regarding the accounting of employee’s work in electronic form”

An essential advantage of the transition to electronic record of labor activity, except for the automated accrual of pensions and selection of settlement.

In general, the transition to electronic books is a positive aspect, because it provides a gradual refusal of paper document circulation, reducing the cost of time to obtain information, accrual of pensions in automatic mode, reducing the negative risks of loss of paper labor book and then time to restore, simplify access to Information about acquired employees’ experience for payments.

The law does not have provisions related to the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms that influence the provision of equal rights and opportunities for women and men, the risks of committing corruption and offenses related to corruption, create grounds for discrimination , other risks and restrictions that may arise when implementing the law.

At present, to distinguish the negative aspect of the law is difficult, since the legislator clearly approached the solution of all the nuances that could create obstacles.

For example, from available, which could affect, is a complete refusal of paper labor books, in the initial stages of the transition, since everyone knows that the elderly (statistical majority) can not or are not able to use technical (electronic) means for registration and identification. yourself on the platform of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.


Consequently, the adopted law is sufficiently comprehensive in questioning issues related to the transition to an electronic form of accounting for an employee’s work. In the future, this will allow them to become a new functional basis of employee’s labor relations and employer.