What is eBaby: the main questions of customers.

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Law Services - What is eBaby: the main questions of customers.

    For a year, as on the lips of the population there is a concept “eBaby”.

However, many questions often arise:

How and when to issue?
Who is entitled?
What are the terms of receiving payments?
and so on..

In accordance with the general questions that we have in practice, we will answer that every citizen who falls into the category had the right, according to the law, to receive all benefits and privileges, as well as to carry out registration actions from a smartphone or PC.

So what is eBaby?

eBaby — comprehensive service for parents of newborns. With one application submitted online, you can register the birth of a child and receive up to 9 government services from various authorities required for the birth of a child.

    What normative legal acts regulate the provision of a comprehensive service “eBaby”? You can read the provisions of the resolution here:

Is the comprehensive service “is the Baby” mandatory for parents of newborns?

No, the service is provided only at the request of the child’s parents

What services are provided through “eBaby”?

The basic (mandatory) service of the complex “eBaby” is the state registration of birth and determination the origin of the child.

Additionally, applicants may choose the following services:
registration in the State Register of Individuals – Taxpayers (assignment of a taxpayer number to a child)
entering information about the newborn child in the Unified State Demographic Register with the assignment of a unique record number (UNZR) in it;
the appointment of care for children raised in large families;
registration of residence;
entry of information about the child in the Register of Patients maintained in the central database of electronic

Why aren’t all the previously announced services available?

“Baby” is a pilot project that’s currently in beta. Accordingly, not all functions are yet implemented. Implementation and completion of this project will continue during 2020-2022, as stated in the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 1 691.

At least not yet available for order:
issuance of certificates of parents of a large family and a child from a large family.

During what period can parents receive a comprehensive service “eBaby”? 144 of the Family Code of Ukraine). Untimely without good reason state registration of the child’s birth by parents entails the imposition of a fine of one to three non-taxable minimum incomes (Article 212¹ of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses). Only parents who have not violated the term can receive the comprehensive “eBaby” service.

Where to apply to parents who have violated the term of application?

, parents need to contact the DRACS department. Pay the fine, and then the deadline will be renewed.

What is the deadline for receiving the service?

in electronic form or through the center of administrative services – on the day of its receipt or no later than the next working day in case of receipt of such application outside the working hours of the Department of State Registration of Civil Status.

submission of documents by a person or no later than the next working day in case of their receipt outside the working hours of the registration authority.

Payment of birth allowance takes place within a month and a half from the date of application by 8 and 25

Can applicants obtain a birth certificate only at the institution where they ordered the service?

No.Applicants may also request that a birth certificate be sent by registered mail. The cost of delivery is paid by the applicant upon receipt of the letter.

Where to go if the terms of service are violated?

Also, applicants should write on the official pages of “eBaby” on social networks.

Who can get a comprehensive service “eBaby”?
The application for the comprehensive service “eBaby” can be submitted by:

parents who are married and have a common surname (two or one of the parents);

parents who are married but have different surnames (two or one of the parents with a notarized power of attorney and the consent of the absent of them to give the child a surname),
parents who are not married (two or one of parents in the presence of a notarized power of attorney and a joint statement of the mother and father on the recognition of paternity);
single mothers. Can I provide the service?

No. Only a child’s parents or one of them should apply for a “eBaby”.

Can a child guardian apply for a “eBaby”?

No. Currently, only the child’s parents or one of them can apply.

The child’s parents have already received a birth certificate. Will they be able to receive other services that are part of the comprehensive service “eBaby”?

No. “EBaby” is a set of services provided after a life event, namely the birth of a child.Thus, the main service is the state registration of the child’s birth and determination of its origin, during which parents have the opportunity to receive additional services.

If parents already have a birth certificate, they need other services apply to the appropriate institutions.

    The applicants’ child was not born in a maternity hospital. Will they be able to get the service?

No. The required document to complete the application is a medical birth certificate on Form 103 / o (or a medical birth certificate). It is issued only in cases where the child was born in a medical institution. Children born outside of a medical facility or as a result of the use of reproductive technologies are issued a medical certificate of birth in another prescribed form. Will applicants be able to receive the service?

No. According to the law, a child born before the expiration of ten months after the dissolution of the marriage or its invalidation comes from a spouse. If the child’s father is another man, applicants should contact the DRACS department to file a joint application for non-recognition of the ex-husband as the child’s father.

What if the parents have internally displaced status?
The place of registration should indicate the address in the passport, not from the certificate of registration of internally displaced persons.

What documents are required to order the service?
Applicants must provide the originals of:

both parents’ passports (or digital passports in the Action mobile application);
medical birth certificate form за 103 / o ( or inform the administrator of the number of the medical certificate of birth).

To complete the application on the Action portal, you will also need information:

about the Registration Number of the taxpayer’s account card (RNOKPP) of both parents (if any); }} from the marriage certificate (place and date of registration, the body that concluded the marriage)
information on assigning a unique number in the Unified State Demographic Register (UNZR) of one of the parents – to order the service of assigning UNZR to the child;
IBAN account number – to order the birth assistance service.

The originals of these documents are not required! Parents can provide information orally or show a photo on the phone or a scanned copy.

In which cases do parents need to bring a power of attorney and a statement?

If the statement “EBaby” is submitted by one of the child’s parents, you must additionally present:

written consent of the other parent to register the place of residence of the newborn child with one of them – if the child’s mother and father are registered in different
application of the child’s mother and father for recognition of paternity – if the child’s parents are not married;
written consent of the other parent to give the child a surname – if the parents have different surnames.

One of the child’s parents has no place of registration

What services will applicants be able to receive?

In this case, applicants must refuse to provide a comprehensive “Baby” service. A technical feature of the system is the mandatory completion of fields in the application for registration of both parents.

    Are there any requirements for assigning a surname, name and patronymic to a child?

The procedure for assigning a surname, first name and patronymic is regulated by the Family Code of Ukraine. I child is determined by parental consent. The name of a child born to an unmarried woman is determined by the child’s mother in the absence of voluntary recognition of paternity. A child may be given no more than two names, unless otherwise follows from the custom of the national minority to which the mother and / or father belong.

The child’s surname is determined by the surname of the parents. If the mother and father have different surnames, the child’s surname is determined with their consent. Parents who have different surnames may give the child a double surname formed by combining their surnames.

The father is assigned to the child by the father’s first name. If the father has a double proper name, the child is assigned to one of them at the parent’s choice. At the request of the paternal parents, it may also be formed in accordance with national traditions or not be assigned at all.

The record of the child’s father is made by the mother’s surname and citizenship, and the child’s name and patronymic are recorded at her direction..