Electronic workbook: myth or reality? What is provided by law?

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Sidorenko Vitaly
Law Services - Electronic workbook: myth or reality? What is provided by law?


      The Verkhovna Rada recently adopted the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Concerning the Accounting of Employee Labor in Electronic Form” (hereinafter – the Law), which provides for a gradual transition from paper to electronic workbooks by 2025. It should be noted that during this time you can use both versions of existing or entered information about the employment of the employee from the State Register).
      The law provides for the registration of an employee’s employment in electronic form, in addition, it regulates the procedure for accumulation, processing and use of this information to confirm the existing length of service and automatic (without personal application) appointment of pensions while retaining the right to defer retirement.

      That is, when the right to a social pension comes, the state informs about the possibility of receiving it and its estimated amount. However, the right to choose to improve the proposed estimated size remains, for example:

    • the employee may provide information on the salary received for the period up to 2000 (for the introduction of personalized accounting);
    • the employee may postpone his retirement to receive an increase to it by 0.5-0.75% for each full month of work after reaching retirement age;
    • the employee may exercise the right to a pension.

    This will happen through the “Action” application or a person’s personal account on the website of the Pension Fund of Ukraine. Also, through the PFC web portal, information on employment will be entered into the State Register, ie scanned or digitized documents with a mandatory electronic signature provided by law.
      Along with the introduction of the relevant documents, the robot-giver of the crops must see the original paper work book in his hands on the receipt of the receipt, and also the original will be obtained by the official as an official document. Assigned, if the forefather to see the progress of the work, then the robot owner will be asked to conduct the electronic and paperwork in parallel, so that the data about the acceptance on the robot, the translation of that sound.
  A significant advantage of the transition to electronic labor accounting, in addition to automated accrual of pensions and the choice of estimated amount, is the ability to track your work experience in the application “Action” in the “Citizen’s Office” with the ability to confirm it if necessary.

    Thus, the adopted law is quite comprehensive in addressing issues related to the transition to an electronic form of accounting for employment. In the future, this will allow them to become a new functional basis for labor relations.